2006-2007 Residential Life Staff

Living on campus in a residence hall, small theme house or the apartment area will be significantly different from living at home with your family. It will offer you an exciting variety of experiences and the chance to develop lasting friendships.

The mission of Residential Life Office is to purposefully facilitate the development of residential communities and individual residents by fostering a sense of respect for individual differences and responsibility, supporting academic and personal growth, and providing educational and leadership opportunities and experiences.

We believe that living on campus offers many advantages. First, it contributes powerfully to a student's initial adjustment to college life. Second, being surrounded by other students who are going through the same kinds of adjustments, dealing with the same issues and having upper-class students who have been through this helps new students feel supported. Third, living on campus is easy - you don't have to worry about cooking (except in the apartment area) , commuting, or having access to other campus facilities/activities. Fourth, the college has made a significant commitment both financially and in personnel to insure that you have the necessary support and an environment which supports your academic achievements. Finally, but certainly not least, it's fun.

Living on campus provides you with a unique opportunity to meet people and experience new things. This is what the total college experience is all about. Living in a residence hall provides opportunities and challenges that are an important part of your total college experience.The Residential Life Office seeks to establish an environment where individuals are respected, diversity is promoted, and students learn from each other. The staff wants to make your experience as rich and rewarding as possible, and we encourage you to take an active role in the community that you will call "home" while at Rollins College. We hope that every resident not only contributes to their community but embraces our theme of "Living. Learning. Leading."

Please Note: All full-time Arts & Science students with less than 60 semester hour must live on campus. For more information about this requirement and other frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page.

The Residential Life Office includes the areas of Greek Affairs , Office of Community Standards and Responsibility and Residential Life/Housing. For more information - Residential Life Web Page